Arrive safely.

What we offer

Construction of signalling systems


We supply, install and commission complete signalling systems of many different generations.
Our focus is mainly on conventional safety technology.

50 Hz

50 Hz

Posts and lighting units for platform and track area lighting – we supply, assemble and install them for you.
Our portfolio is complemented by 50 Hz power supply units and point heating systems.



We supply and assemble switching and monitoring systems and, if required, also perform points inspections.

Level crossings


Whatever the task at hand - whether to deliver and assemble power supply units, level crossing lighting systems or to ensure signal interlocking - we offer this whole range of services as an integrated package.

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Our clients

About us

Who we are

We are a medium size company in the centre of Germany, specialising in control and safety engineering as well as in 50 Hz equipment for trackside facilities.

What we do

We supply, assemble and commission complete signalling systems from many different generations. We focus mainly on conventional safety technology, especially for the construction types:

  • mechanical interlockings
  • electromechanical interlockings
  • relay interlockings of track diagram types I and II
  • siemens push-button-control interlockings
  • EZMG (Russian) interlockings

Further, we deliver and install electric point heating systems, power supply units for level crossing protection systems as well as platform and track area lighting systems.

Our clients

Railway companies, construction firms, municipalities

Our mission

Our work is service-oriented, based on high standards and wide-ranging technical expertise. We only go home when everything runs smoothly. Clients can rely on our immediate and flexible response whenever unexpected events arise in the course of projects. We thrive on complexity.

For more than 20 years we have worked with German railway companies. We are familiar with the current regulations and are a Q1 supplier of Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail). Our company is certified according to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

This ensures that passengers and goods get from A to B in a safe and secure way. We prevent accidents, disruptions and guarantee punctuality, thereby fostering the reliability of the rail services. As a result – and this is our aspiration - public trust in railway services increases.


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